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...I'm working on the next chapter, I promise! It's about half done, honest.  To those following CP, I'm sorry it's taking so incredibly long. Feel free to give me a good slap upside the head for procrastinating.  On the other hand, I can promise that chapter 9 will be quite a bit more exciting than recent ones :D  Here's to fingers crossed to get it out before the new year!

And for everyone who does stick with me through my terrible writing habits, I love you! In a completely non-creepy way, honest.
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Hello there ^_^

I got really motivated last night (for no apparent reason), so now I'm hoping to have chapter 8 done soon.  Yay!  And I had my first driving experience last weekend (though I've been of age to drive for years now - try to figure that out) so I feel much more confidant writing that sort of thing ;)  And all I have to say is it's going down at SAS camp :D

So current word count: 3,271 (including a scripted section).



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Hi there,

So I said I'd use this lj to give updates on the status of Close Protection between chapters and let everyone know I'm still alive, so here I am :D

It's been about a month since Chapter 7 was posted, and yes, I'm working on Chapter 8. The events have been planned out for the most part, and it looks like it will be a fairly long chapter ^_^   Writing has commenced, as well as vigorous poking from one of my betas, Nyxelestia.

Current word count = 500-ish (not typed)

Thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapter and who's sticking with me through my long times between updates.  I really appreciate the encouragement.


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