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+ [ profile] leonloire94 is setting up a facebook rp that looks like fun. Go here to check it out.

++Which led to me and [ profile] annephoenix deciding there definitely needs to be a LJ-based Alex Rider rpg in existence. So we're making one.  Alex, Yassen, and Tom are claimed so far, but we're looking for lots more people.  If you're interested, let me or her know and we will hook you up :p YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. DO IT. ALEX COMMANDS YOU AND YASSEN WILL MAKE SCARY ASSASIN FACES AT YOU IF YOU DON'T.

Comm is [ profile] rider_rp, though we're still working on getting it in working order.
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+Tuesday I went kayaking and today I am tan. Sort of. Well, tan for me. You get the idea.

+Big bang undergoing major reworking re: Merlin's character, which is good, but also kind of frustrating because it means my word count is sort of...stagnant.  But it had to be done.

+Wrote a song, sorta, jamming with a friend whilst being incredibly lazy at the park, got home, slept for three hours, woke up and it was stuck in my head so I ended up sitting down and writing it down.  Let's just say it starts with "She held the world on a string/Sitting on a rainbow" and gets progressively more tripping from there :p  I'd put a link to me singing it, only, I can't sing, so it sounds terrible.

++And because I asked for something (and it's definitely a good use of time instead of doing something productive):
The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request ~something~ of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

Fandoms I'm offering
: Merlin, Bandom, Tamora Pierce, Alex Rider, random other fandom you want that I've read/watched

+LASTLY. AM WORKING ON VERY SEKRIT PROJECT FOR MERLIN FANDOM. TO BE REVEALED IN LIKE SEPTEMBER. OR SOMETHING. *nodnod* (*cough* If you approve of awesome projects and would like to, say, be a third mod, lemme know *winning smile*)
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First off: Icons requested in graphics request post are HERE!

This is how I feel today ♥ photograph by phusaki.

In other news, graphics I owe peoples besides icons (because those are done I just have to post them):

If I you asked for something that's not here, please let me know, because this means I totally forgot.

Word count slightly improved on bb fics. I WILL DEFEAT THE EVIL PROGRESS BARS OF DOOOOOOM.
And I think I know which summaries I want to claim for [ profile] paperlegends . 1PM EST TOMORROW I WILL BE THERE REFRESHING RAPIDLY.

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So, the big bang front is looking kind of scary. I decided it's motivation tieme! Because I have been extra lazy and handwritting a lot, and that's all very well and good except it, uh, kind of needs to be typed up, I have gotten myself a shiny progress bar of awesomeness for my typed word count. It is scary /O\ BUT I WILL PERSERVE.

[ profile] paperlegends

1040 / 20000 words. 5% done!

[ profile] whizzbangpop

187 / 10000 words. 2% done!

My plan for the weekend is to type up everything I've got, so next week I can focus on new stuff, instead of being all 'what happened in that scene again?' and 'where the hell did that random scrap of paper go‽'.
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Due date: June 28th

Length: At least 12 songs please.

Uploading: single .zip or .rar file with all songs (+ optional art!), preferably uploaded to Mediafire or Megaupload. For those unfamiliar with the uploading process, I will be posting a tutorial within the next week or so - let me know if you'd like me to email/pm you a link to that!

Posting: You can post the mix to your journal/comm and email/pm/comment me the link (prefered option), or you may send me the mix and I will post if for you (as always, my email is araview (at) gmail (dot) com)!

Claiming: Reply to this post with the number of the request you want to claim. I'll strikethrough the ones that are claimed as soon as I can. One person can claim one thing.

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bingo cards

Jun. 9th, 2010 08:23 am
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So, I decided to do [ profile] hc_bingo and [community profile] kink_bingo and I've gotten my cards. I'm hoping it'll help get me writing some, since I seem to be a little stuck in getting much done lately.

H/C bingo )
kink bingo )

Got my cheerleader for [ profile] paperlegends too - [ profile] phantomjam! Hopefully I'll get moving on that now too :D

For everyone doing the mix exchange, the claims post should be up this week - just waiting for 3 people to turn in their requests now ^_^ If you think you might want to do it but haven't signed up yet, it's not too late - just head on over here.

Also, huge thanks and love and adoration to dreamdustmama who was amazing and lovely and gave me 2 months of paid time! <3

ETA: check out today's xkcd: Make sure to read the alt text :p Appropriate, y/y?
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Dear flist, lurkers, and random people who may or may not know how they got here:
I want to do a mix exchange. Y/MFHY?

If you want to participate, just leave a comment with an email I can get ahold of you at. If a reasonable number of people are in (i.e. more than two), this thing is on, and I'll be in touch.


(Feel free to pimp this wherever you like. The more people, the better.)
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Yay for being back on a stable connection! Boo for being sick! I have this cold/cough thing that is really very annoying. I wish it would go away and leave me alone so I could feel awesome.

I am so very proud cause I finished my [ profile] merlinicons100 claim (Colin Morgan)! See the pretty over on my graphics journal here!!!

Sadness cause I ended up not being able to go to the Cobra Starship concert Friday. sad!panda :( My ass is so broke, guys, so so broke. Interview next saturday, so hopefully that will be fixed in time for Warped this July. But my friend and I did go to Band Night at our old high school. She sang with my bestie's little brother's band, and it was pretty fun. One of the bands was actually really good! They actually have like a myspace: It's pretty cool, but weird cause half the band is friend's younger brothers, lol.

In other news, thank god for the [ profile] reel_merlin draft due date being postponed! Have ~1000 words of Woodstock fic!!! And, the power went out for 9 hours Saturday (snow in May, what the hell upstate NY?!) and I started my FBI!AU fic for [ profile] whizzbangpop. It is accordingly very eerie. I love it! Pirate!AU for [ profile] paperlegends continues to make me giggle like a little girl. Other things go...realised I should probably start my art for [ profile] bandombigbang, since the check in is, uh, in 5 days...yeah.

I finally got stamps, so postcard recipients, they are coming soon to a mailbox near you!

And FYI, I'm changing the layout here soonish, so if you happen to be loading my journal and it's messed up, the change is most likely in progress. Very excited for it - I've been working on my custom sidebars (LJ) and headers (DW) for months now :D


Mar. 30th, 2010 09:50 pm
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Glitter Words

I hope you both have great days!!

Spent the weekend working with the camelot_fleet task force to make the fanlore Merlin pages awesome. Now having super panic over both Artword projects. I think they'll be done in time though, so merihn and lolryne don't kill me :p Also making excellent progress on my spring swap gifties and dk323's time travel fic. I scored two group interviews - A&F and Hollister shut up! And turn in a bunch of applications. So hopefully I'll be working soon :D And I have become addicted to Panic! and pretty much all of Decaydance fic. I want to keep Brendon&Ryan&Spencer&Jon in my pocket and take them out to pet them :p

Hope things are good with all of you!
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This is completely random (and possibly ill-advised), but:

I'm thinking of making a merlin/arthur animated mood theme. I have the one [ profile] wikked_angel_78 made right now, but that's only S1, and I know she's closed it for downloading.  So I guess I'm wondering if there'd be any interest?  I'm half-considering making it purely for my personal use, but it is very time consuming, so it'd be nice if it got a bit more use. What do you think?

In other news:
Signed up for [ profile] reel_merlin  today! I snagged Taking Woodstock, which I wanted so very badly, so I am super excited! 

[ profile] spy_fest  is coming together well.  [ profile] annephoenix has been an absolute star co-modding.  ILU bb!  We have several submissions, and quite a few just-need-to-be-beta'd fics.  Now if I could just get to writing my fic...

Still working on my fic for [ profile] dk323 - I have been a bit crap at getting it done quickly, but it moves along slowly but surely.  Future!Merlin and Arthur are having some good times *nods*

Also still working on those requested drabbles - I just need to type them up really!

And I'm doing [ profile] merlin20in20 again - for Arthur (Bradley) & [ profile] merlinicons100 for Colin Morgan. I'm really quite pleased with how some of my recent icons have been turning out.  I feel I'm improving ^_^

AND OMG TEAM MOTHERFUCKING MERLIN WON ROUND THREE AT [ profile] merlin_land. We are just too awesome :p
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I would like to direct your attention to a brand new shiny Merlin RP comm: [ profile] anachronismos. The setting? Pudsey!AU (you know you love it :p)

I'm sure many people have already ready The Internet is For Porn by [ profile] ashleaves, but if you haven't, go read it now! The author is one of the two crazy mods/creators of the game :D

It's all about random anacronisms in the Merlin world, with eventual Merlin/Arthur twists. We already have an Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, and I am Sir Leon (the Magnificent), but we're very much in need of more players! The game hasn't officially started yet, so feel free to take a look round and sign up to play :) No RP experience? No problem! Both me and the Morgana player have never rped before, but the mods have been very welcoming and helpful!

Check out the full add under the cut. And if you like what you see, reserve a character and apply! I can promise it'll be lots of fun :D

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Flash Rider

May. 5th, 2009 12:21 pm
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Ara has a new project!!!! Yes that's right, as if SpyFest and moving to DW wasn't enough, lol.

This project is a collaborative one with both me and [ profile] jusmine984 modding it! After much work via our wiki, we present to you:

Flash Rider!

So what is Flash Rider you ask? It's a bimonthly challenge for AR authors to write flash fics (i.e. under 1000 words). Every two months the prompt changes. To check it out or get in on the cool, see our LJ community [ profile] flash_rider

Hope to you you around!


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