Nov. 8th, 2009 04:19 pm
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THE BATTLE IS ON and I am losing.

*switches back to yWriter to frantically raise word count* Ah well, at least we're all behind together.
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GAH! Why did signing up for NaNoWriMo seem like a good idea at the time? lol I'm behind already, so I think this weekend I'll be playing catch-up. Still, it's worth it if I do manage to churn out my epic-length M/A fic. Which could happen, truefax. It is steampunk!AU after all, which is pretty motivating I must say. I mean, there's just so much to play with! But yeah, anyways, I've pretty much put everything else on hold for the month of Novemeber (unless I get really freaking inspired to write more of my college Merlin fic).

Also, I am very, very excited for tomorrow's Merlin episode. Like, really freaking excited people! I shall take a break from my lazing-about-cause-it's-Saturday and frantically-writing-nano-fic to watch it. And guh, yay for Arthur hugging dragging Merlin. Though, if Gaius dies, I will figure out a way to throw the show across the room I will! I don't care that it's not a book, it will so happen!

And also, I am now obsessed with indie music. I found this list on itunes of like 97 songs or something, and let's just say I'm in a very happy place right now, especially cause it goes well with my current AAR fanatasism. Really, I can't help but just be happy listening to my iPod these days :D


So, basically, I was bored the other day, and I decided that making Merlin icons was an excellent way to procrastinate (especially with NaNoWriMo - procrastination has become even more of a fine art, let me tell you!). And I had some screencaps I download a long time ago to revel in the prettiness. And I saw Photoshop CS4 sitting there looking at me innocently. And, well, 53 icons later, here we are.

Also I would like to tell you that I've managed to develop even more of an obsession with Bradley and Colin's eyes. They're pureettty! :p

ANYWAYS......this way to the icons! )

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