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a mix for [ profile] mixedvolume's Challenge 5 which was to make a mix based off a fic or fic idea. I used [ profile] dreamdustmama's Echoes of Yesterday, which is now a 'verse!!! This is more based off the original. Not maybe your most typical band selection for a mix, but I wanted to try to get more of that gritty feel that's so amazing about the fic.

but he imagines, and for a while, it's enough... )
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Mix for the mix exchange I hosted.

For [ profile] 42footprints , who asked for:
A thinking person's mixtape; something to fill in job applications to.

I hope you enjoy this, sweetie!

Job Hunting 101 (a mix) )
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Mixing Tutorial

(in other words, the N00b Slayer guide to making a mix and sharing it on the internet)

Programs suggested:
  • Windows
  • iTunes
  • 7-Zip

How to Conquer Mix Uploads (in 9 easy steps) )
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Due date: June 28th

Length: At least 12 songs please.

Uploading: single .zip or .rar file with all songs (+ optional art!), preferably uploaded to Mediafire or Megaupload. For those unfamiliar with the uploading process, I will be posting a tutorial within the next week or so - let me know if you'd like me to email/pm you a link to that!

Posting: You can post the mix to your journal/comm and email/pm/comment me the link (prefered option), or you may send me the mix and I will post if for you (as always, my email is araview (at) gmail (dot) com)!

Claiming: Reply to this post with the number of the request you want to claim. I'll strikethrough the ones that are claimed as soon as I can. One person can claim one thing.

Requests )
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Dear flist, lurkers, and random people who may or may not know how they got here:
I want to do a mix exchange. Y/MFHY?

If you want to participate, just leave a comment with an email I can get ahold of you at. If a reasonable number of people are in (i.e. more than two), this thing is on, and I'll be in touch.


(Feel free to pimp this wherever you like. The more people, the better.)

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