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So, I have a billion and one writing projects at the moment, but not really any graphics ones. Guess how I relax from writing and get re-motivated? That's right: graphics. I feel this must be recitified.

So, consider this a:


I will make you pretty much anything, such as:
  • headers
  • wallpapers
  • icons
  • layouts
  • banners
  • covers
  • other pretty object

Basically, this is me asking you to give me things to do ♥
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Let’s make a magical wave throughout LJ. When you see this entry, post a picture of the show to your own journal.

Yeah so a little late aboard this bandwagon, but how could I resist?? And sorry for the large image - it's from a picspam that I did all the graphics work for months ago and then never actually posted...huh. I should see about that...right after I finish the other 20 million things on my to do list... :p
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...but somehow a fun post on [ profile] ontd_merlin ended up with me trying to make manips for the first time.

Clicky to see... )

Check out the comments in this post if you're a member (or just join - it's fun) to see more Bond manips! Come on, you know you want to ;)
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Hi peoples!

Two very important things today:

1) Me and nyxelestia have been working together on setting up a graphics comm for us, and I think it's shiny enough now to advertise! Check out [ profile] aranyx_graphics! There you'll find:
-Banners by Nyxie
-All 100 of my [ profile] merlinicons100 icons I just completed
-My iconaday icons for Bradley James & Colin Morgan
*More stuff coming soon, and to be added reguarly, so watch the comm if you're interested!*

2) THE REALLY IMPORTANT THING: after some thought, I've decided to participate in [ profile] help_haiti, a fandom auction to help the people of Haiti who've just been hit by a big earthquake (if you haven't heard). I'm flat broke, so I can't bid, but I am offering both:
-1 fic of at least 1,000 words (see here)
-1 set of 25 icons and banner (see here)

Bidding for both starts at $1. So, whether you choose to take me up on this, or to do your own thing, please help in some way! The people of Haiti could really use all the support they can get, right now especially!

And thanks to everyone on my flist who have been posting nonstop about this like the awesome people you are XD
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GAH! Why did signing up for NaNoWriMo seem like a good idea at the time? lol I'm behind already, so I think this weekend I'll be playing catch-up. Still, it's worth it if I do manage to churn out my epic-length M/A fic. Which could happen, truefax. It is steampunk!AU after all, which is pretty motivating I must say. I mean, there's just so much to play with! But yeah, anyways, I've pretty much put everything else on hold for the month of Novemeber (unless I get really freaking inspired to write more of my college Merlin fic).

Also, I am very, very excited for tomorrow's Merlin episode. Like, really freaking excited people! I shall take a break from my lazing-about-cause-it's-Saturday and frantically-writing-nano-fic to watch it. And guh, yay for Arthur hugging dragging Merlin. Though, if Gaius dies, I will figure out a way to throw the show across the room I will! I don't care that it's not a book, it will so happen!

And also, I am now obsessed with indie music. I found this list on itunes of like 97 songs or something, and let's just say I'm in a very happy place right now, especially cause it goes well with my current AAR fanatasism. Really, I can't help but just be happy listening to my iPod these days :D


So, basically, I was bored the other day, and I decided that making Merlin icons was an excellent way to procrastinate (especially with NaNoWriMo - procrastination has become even more of a fine art, let me tell you!). And I had some screencaps I download a long time ago to revel in the prettiness. And I saw Photoshop CS4 sitting there looking at me innocently. And, well, 53 icons later, here we are.

Also I would like to tell you that I've managed to develop even more of an obsession with Bradley and Colin's eyes. They're pureettty! :p

ANYWAYS......this way to the icons! )
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I went on an AR-themed iconmaking binge recently and here are the results!

...follow the LJ cut of all knowledge to the shiny! )
Credit goes to for the screencaps. For other resources check out lawl, specifically the resources post.

**Not for use as bases.  Unless you ask, I suppose...
**Comment&Credit if taking!!
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So I'm currently having phun with photoshop cause I found some awesome resources, and well, [ profile] nyxelestia sort of *cough* encouraged me to make something for Merlin, and well, I was doing this coldplay-apple style tutorial at the time, so yeah...

Enjoy :)

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So I'm currently having phun with photoshop cause I found some awesome resources, and well, [ profile] nyxelestia sort of *cough* encouraged me to make something for Merlin, and well, I was doing this coldplay-apple style tutorial at the time, so yeah...

Enjoy :)


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