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So, my friend [ profile] nyxelestia is looking to start a new resource comm and is looking for some help either with the running of the comm or with indexing posts on delicious.

It's a really cool idea:

So, there are lot of research comms/sites out there, but what I want to start is a resource comm - a place to pool and find resources on a topic you're writing about. An user can post saying they're writing about a war, event, time, place, ect., and people will offer recs and resources to help them out.

The goal is to have both an LJ comm and a Delicious account tagging posts and individual resources. I'm currently trying to work out/set-up a tagging system for both (on LJ, archive links will only be to tags and posts, while on Delicious I'm hoping to eventually tag individual resources/links).
If you're interested in helping out (or just want to talk about the idea!) her post is here. Definitely check it out for more details.  It's one of those things I think we all have wished for at some point :p

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First off: Icons requested in graphics request post are HERE!

This is how I feel today ♥ photograph by phusaki.

In other news, graphics I owe peoples besides icons (because those are done I just have to post them):

If I you asked for something that's not here, please let me know, because this means I totally forgot.

Word count slightly improved on bb fics. I WILL DEFEAT THE EVIL PROGRESS BARS OF DOOOOOOM.
And I think I know which summaries I want to claim for [ profile] paperlegends . 1PM EST TOMORROW I WILL BE THERE REFRESHING RAPIDLY.

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So, I have a billion and one writing projects at the moment, but not really any graphics ones. Guess how I relax from writing and get re-motivated? That's right: graphics. I feel this must be recitified.

So, consider this a:


I will make you pretty much anything, such as:
  • headers
  • wallpapers
  • icons
  • layouts
  • banners
  • covers
  • other pretty object

Basically, this is me asking you to give me things to do ♥
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I would like to direct your attention to a brand new shiny Merlin RP comm: [ profile] anachronismos. The setting? Pudsey!AU (you know you love it :p)

I'm sure many people have already ready The Internet is For Porn by [ profile] ashleaves, but if you haven't, go read it now! The author is one of the two crazy mods/creators of the game :D

It's all about random anacronisms in the Merlin world, with eventual Merlin/Arthur twists. We already have an Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, and I am Sir Leon (the Magnificent), but we're very much in need of more players! The game hasn't officially started yet, so feel free to take a look round and sign up to play :) No RP experience? No problem! Both me and the Morgana player have never rped before, but the mods have been very welcoming and helpful!

Check out the full add under the cut. And if you like what you see, reserve a character and apply! I can promise it'll be lots of fun :D

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