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...but somehow a fun post on [ profile] ontd_merlin ended up with me trying to make manips for the first time.

Clicky to see... )

Check out the comments in this post if you're a member (or just join - it's fun) to see more Bond manips! Come on, you know you want to ;)
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*cough* Right, so [ profile] nyxelestia and I seem to have the most interesting late night (or early morning in my case - damn time zones) conversations on IM and, well. Some things need to be shared.

Aside from apparently having Arthur and Merlin on my side, doing the nasty on my bed (no matter what Nyxie may tell you about the comfort of her bed, or a certain dedication of poetry to it - filthy lies, all of it), and having kinkme_merlin prompts literally flung at me last night, we also had an Epic Life-Changing Revelation. I was skulking around Merlin fandom land, and found: this. The following occured at 5:19AM EST:

[ profile] arithilim: I channeled Merlin without realizing
[ profile] arithilim: Also, go watch this
[ profile] arithilim:
[ profile] arithilim: Naow.
[ profile] nyxelestia: [insert the laughing emoticon of Y!IM]
[ profile] arithilim: And this
[ profile] arithilim:
[ profile] nyxelestia: [insert the rofl emoticon of Y!IM]
[ profile] arithilim: I just keep watching it over and over
[ profile] nyxelestia: I wonder what would happen if they actually turned out to be gay...
[ profile] arithilim: ah, the world would implode from fangirl glee and then we wouldn't have to rely on manips to stare at
[ profile] nyxelestia: [insert the laughing emoticon of Y!IM]
[ profile] arithilim: Also, I would name my first two boy children bradley and colin
[ profile] arithilim: even though I'm not particuarly fond of either name
[ profile] nyxelestia: [insert the rofl emoticon of Y!IM]
[ profile] nyxelestia: Just the boy children?
[ profile] nyxelestia: Hey, Jamie and Morgan are unisex names..
[ profile] nyxelestia: ...*
[ profile] arithilim: Well, I mean, Colleen, ok, but, Bradlina?
[ profile] arithilim: true, true

Aside from the rather worrying number of times I was laughed at, re-looking at this conversation led me to discover the really very worrying size of my little-fan-girl crush on Bradley James and Colin Morgan. I therefore spent today eating copious amounts chocolate and watching youtube videos of their interviews. I AM SO SCREWED PEOPLE. SO SCREWEDDDD.

(also, I am shamelessly comandeering [ profile] ifyouweremine's tag of bradley motherfucking james because honestly, I have never heard anything that was so perfect in my life.)

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