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Decided to do this cause I think it's important. Please check it out and consider joining yourself :)
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undefined fulcrum
bandom // panic gsf. 910 words. teen. for [ profile] merihn , a late birthday present.
boybands! at the disco, or how spencer ended up a popstar (and decided to stay for a while)
to my best friend, on the occasion of your birth: you wanted it, so I wrote it. now write the sequel. [emergency beta by [ profile] nyxelestia ] crack crack crack

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*waves enthusiastically*

Why hello, it's been awhile!
I have returned to the LJ after a sort-of-hiatus and am ready to party and say hello and catch up, etc. etc.

Merlin S3 is sitting on my hard drive ready to be watched, and I am super excited!
And I am refreshing [ profile] bandombigbang like a fiend until sign-ups go up.

In other news, tumblr is addicting and I love twitter.
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Turkey Day

Nov. 25th, 2010 04:19 pm
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1) Happy Thanksgiving!
You know that thing people do where everyone says what they're thankful for, blah blah blah? Well, I'm thankful for my flist, all you lovely peoples, who still talk to me even though I do silly things like disappear for two months. For everyone who does celebrate it, happy turkey day, and if you're one of the many who doesn't just know you are appreciated ♥

2) Holiday cards!
I like sending them. So if you want one, please let me know! And seriously, even if we don't talk a whole lot, that's still cool.  I will possibly be doing drabbles with the cards (time permitting) so if you want a card please let me know 1) that you want a card, 2) if you want a drabble, and 3) what sort of drabble thingies you'd like. Oh and, what sort of card you'd prefer (like, if a specific holiday, which one). And then PM/email me your postal address, (or if you prefer electronic, your email address).

More... )

Oh, and have you folks seen pinterest yet? It's pretty cool and stuff. Pinning things is way too addicting.


Oct. 8th, 2010 01:56 pm
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Hullo people! *waves enthusiastically*

GUESS WHAT. I'm not dead!!! College just ate my life. But new, shiny time management skills mean I should be round here more often.

But how is everyone? I miss you all ♥
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Yeah, so I spent 5 hours yesterday hanging with the amazing people in my school's GSA.


Aug. 16th, 2010 08:17 pm
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I wanted to let you know I am alive. You know, in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't.  But maybe you were, after all it's been 9 days, and this is me I'm talking about, I practically live online normally.

I leave for college Saturday which is why I have been MIA.  My days are packing, cleaning, shopping, repeat. And also mowing the lawn because my mother makes me. I cannot wait to be freeeeeeee. Anyways, I haven't really been up to date with the internet so if there's anything I should've seen, please link :)

P.S. Thank you for the bday wishes! It was pretty good, I went clubbing with friends and hung out a lot.  Also, I have a shiny new cell with unlimited texting, so if any US peoples want to receive really random texts from me, hit me up with your number lol.

P.P.S. Everyone is doing voice posts which makes me want to do one, only I have no idea what to talk about. Help? lol
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JSYK, I'm going into the wilderness (of a campground) for a few days. So, radio silence until Monday :) Love you all!
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Dear flist,

I have a twitter and I want to actually use it. See: arithilim. Follow me?! *winning smile*



PS - I also have a tumblr that I want to do something with, so uhm, if you're on tumblr, would love your viewing :p

PPS - am compiling list of 25 most favorite songs EVA for meme as stolen from [ profile] staraflur and lemme tell you, it is hard. Very hard.
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+ [ profile] leonloire94 is setting up a facebook rp that looks like fun. Go here to check it out.

++Which led to me and [ profile] annephoenix deciding there definitely needs to be a LJ-based Alex Rider rpg in existence. So we're making one.  Alex, Yassen, and Tom are claimed so far, but we're looking for lots more people.  If you're interested, let me or her know and we will hook you up :p YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. DO IT. ALEX COMMANDS YOU AND YASSEN WILL MAKE SCARY ASSASIN FACES AT YOU IF YOU DON'T.

Comm is [ profile] rider_rp, though we're still working on getting it in working order.
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+Tuesday I went kayaking and today I am tan. Sort of. Well, tan for me. You get the idea.

+Big bang undergoing major reworking re: Merlin's character, which is good, but also kind of frustrating because it means my word count is sort of...stagnant.  But it had to be done.

+Wrote a song, sorta, jamming with a friend whilst being incredibly lazy at the park, got home, slept for three hours, woke up and it was stuck in my head so I ended up sitting down and writing it down.  Let's just say it starts with "She held the world on a string/Sitting on a rainbow" and gets progressively more tripping from there :p  I'd put a link to me singing it, only, I can't sing, so it sounds terrible.

++And because I asked for something (and it's definitely a good use of time instead of doing something productive):
The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request ~something~ of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

Fandoms I'm offering
: Merlin, Bandom, Tamora Pierce, Alex Rider, random other fandom you want that I've read/watched

+LASTLY. AM WORKING ON VERY SEKRIT PROJECT FOR MERLIN FANDOM. TO BE REVEALED IN LIKE SEPTEMBER. OR SOMETHING. *nodnod* (*cough* If you approve of awesome projects and would like to, say, be a third mod, lemme know *winning smile*)
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First off: Icons requested in graphics request post are HERE!

This is how I feel today ♥ photograph by phusaki.

In other news, graphics I owe peoples besides icons (because those are done I just have to post them):

If I you asked for something that's not here, please let me know, because this means I totally forgot.

Word count slightly improved on bb fics. I WILL DEFEAT THE EVIL PROGRESS BARS OF DOOOOOOM.
And I think I know which summaries I want to claim for [ profile] paperlegends . 1PM EST TOMORROW I WILL BE THERE REFRESHING RAPIDLY.

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So, the big bang front is looking kind of scary. I decided it's motivation tieme! Because I have been extra lazy and handwritting a lot, and that's all very well and good except it, uh, kind of needs to be typed up, I have gotten myself a shiny progress bar of awesomeness for my typed word count. It is scary /O\ BUT I WILL PERSERVE.

[ profile] paperlegends

1040 / 20000 words. 5% done!

[ profile] whizzbangpop

187 / 10000 words. 2% done!

My plan for the weekend is to type up everything I've got, so next week I can focus on new stuff, instead of being all 'what happened in that scene again?' and 'where the hell did that random scrap of paper go‽'.
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++New friends, hello! Old friends, love and apologies for being sort of MIA and generally bad at keeping up with the flist.

++Crazy family is crazy, but things have settled down some now that my brother is moved and settled in at his new job in Albany. PEACE AND QUIET *revels* The mother though is all big on making me do things around the house, like mowing the lawn. I hate mowing. It makes me all itchy! lol 4th of July was fun. My puppy was miraculously not scared of the fireworks unlike previous occasions.

++I have been a fandom machine lately. I've been writing so much, for big bangs, and for bingos and stuff, and it is awesome! Still massively behind the bb word counts, but, not like I didn't expect to pull an all nighter the day before the deadline anyways, so. Going well, all considered. I've also been making quite a bunch of graphics. To everyone who requested icons in the request post, I'm just about done with those. Hopefully those will be posted soon.

++If you didn't request something, but still want to, I will definitely still take requests - go here!

++Off to work on pornathon entry for challenge 2 \o/ GO TEAM SLOTH.

And lastly, pimping, check it out:
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Mix for the mix exchange I hosted.

For [ profile] 42footprints , who asked for:
A thinking person's mixtape; something to fill in job applications to.

I hope you enjoy this, sweetie!

Job Hunting 101 (a mix) )
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Mixing Tutorial

(in other words, the N00b Slayer guide to making a mix and sharing it on the internet)

Programs suggested:
  • Windows
  • iTunes
  • 7-Zip

How to Conquer Mix Uploads (in 9 easy steps) )
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So, I have a billion and one writing projects at the moment, but not really any graphics ones. Guess how I relax from writing and get re-motivated? That's right: graphics. I feel this must be recitified.

So, consider this a:


I will make you pretty much anything, such as:
  • headers
  • wallpapers
  • icons
  • layouts
  • banners
  • covers
  • other pretty object

Basically, this is me asking you to give me things to do ♥
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Due date: June 28th

Length: At least 12 songs please.

Uploading: single .zip or .rar file with all songs (+ optional art!), preferably uploaded to Mediafire or Megaupload. For those unfamiliar with the uploading process, I will be posting a tutorial within the next week or so - let me know if you'd like me to email/pm you a link to that!

Posting: You can post the mix to your journal/comm and email/pm/comment me the link (prefered option), or you may send me the mix and I will post if for you (as always, my email is araview (at) gmail (dot) com)!

Claiming: Reply to this post with the number of the request you want to claim. I'll strikethrough the ones that are claimed as soon as I can. One person can claim one thing.

Requests )

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