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a mix for [ profile] mixedvolume's Challenge 5 which was to make a mix based off a fic or fic idea. I used [ profile] dreamdustmama's Echoes of Yesterday, which is now a 'verse!!! This is more based off the original. Not maybe your most typical band selection for a mix, but I wanted to try to get more of that gritty feel that's so amazing about the fic.


1. Sleep

A drink for the horror that I'm in

for the good guys and the bad guys

for the monsters that I've been

{My Chemical Romance}


5. Swan Song

Foolish, how was I so careless

Pawning off my treasure, the envy of an heiress

Now my dollars are crumbled in my pocket

How can I reclaim it?

{A Fine Frenzy}


2. Paperthin Hymn

These roads never seemed so long

Since your paper heart stopped beating

leaving me suddenly alone

Will daybreak ever come?



6. Okay, I believe you, but my tommy gun doesn't

We're concentrating on falling apart

We were contenders, now throwing the fight

I just wanna believe

{Brand New}

3. Hello Again

Just Say "when" you could stop the pain

Just Say "when", and you could make amends

Just say hello, say Hello Again


7. Burn Burn

Burn burn the truth the lies the news

Burn burn the life that you cant choose

Burn burn the hate that gets you through

Burn burn for us, for them, for you


4. Voodooized

I'm no burden, I'm yours to use

But if you call, I'll come to you


8. Change the World (Lost in Translation)

We could re-write history, if only you and me

We are the lost ones, we are the lost ones

We could change the world, if only you and me


9. Swim

I swim for brighter days

Despite the absence of sun

Choking on salt water

I'm not giving in

I swim

{Jack's Mannequin}

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