Jun. 24th, 2011

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when you go to get a prescription filled that you've been taking for months, and every time the pharmacist wants to warn you about how OMG YOU COULD DIE!!1! if you're an idiot and don't take it regularly.

Like, thank you, I know. My psychiatrist has informed me. Every time he sees me. And especially before I started it.

Also, just because I didn't get my prescription filled at your pharmacy last time doesn't mean I'm lying when I say I have been taking it, thanks. Way to make me feel like I'm being interrogated. I know the dosage is increasing, I can actually read, and yes, I'm going out of the country while increasing, but I've been on the meds at this dose before, and it's fucking Canada, not Nepal.  I think I can cope, and if I can't, my psychiatrist, who actually, like, works with me, can. This isn't being prescribed by a family doctor. He's clearly a freaking specialist.

the end.

alternatively, my body hates me and all this goes on while I feel like puking and my head's exploding. I welcome death.

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